Grant Guide 866-546-0922

Barnegat Township, New Jersey 1 comment
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I also got ripped off by these guys. i was looking at their $1.95 trial and then i got billed for $58.95.

i still can't use the guide and the phone number for them doesn't work.

the promise of a guide to help is bogus. you get a download of information that you can find anywhere and i already had. i was trying to find something new that would help me get a grant for a legit use. if anyone can find me a real phone number please let us all know.

turning them into the BBB of PA.

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I also got ripped off by these guys. i was looking at their $1.95 trial and then i got billed for $35.75 approximately 10/6/2008.

I have called the number 866-546-0922 a few times.

The first time I left a message for a return call, which I never received. The other times I have been put on hold for a long time.

I don't know how to contact them to get a refund and to stop additional charges.

Grant Guide 866-546-0922

New Bern, North Carolina 2 comments

I used Grant Guide because they offered a $1.95 trial offer. After not getting to try anything out, I was billed $49.50 for the service which I still can't use.

Don't use this service its a rip-off and the phone # is bogus!! People looking for grant monies are either low on cash or looking to raise/find funds for a cause that needs it. In my opinion these guys are the lowest of the low in scammers.

If anyone can tell me how to get these jerks let me know! if you get through on the phone # tell them there are a bunch of us who want our $ back


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #36086

I'm in the same predicament! I had 49.95 taken out and never got a thing.

I'm super pissed. :(


Similar to other complaints that I have been reading, I agreed to do a sponsored offer in order to only pay $1.95 fee to use the "Grant Guide" services. I like other have not gotten the information promised and now I noticed an unauthorized draft from my account for $58.61.

I can not get a live body on the phone when I call the number and have no idea what this charge is for!!! :(


Eastland, Texas 1 comment

I have never been so pissed off in my life!! I am a soldier that has been ripped off by a company that says they will send you a product for 1.50 and ends up charging you a 49.50 fee.

The only reason people can do this is because they live in a free democracy, I wonder why that is?!!! I was looking for grant's for my son to attend school, you see were not the richest people, and I thought I would check this company out that was according to them ;reviewed by big media companies and found to be squared away.

I found my self very upset when not only did not receive product but was charged to my account 49.00.



I just left my on-line banking center to go over my bills for the month and was horrifed to find that "grant guide" just charged me $2.95 plus $1.95 and also $49.95 for something I only inquired about. Just like "PISSED", I was just seeking information on possible grants as I am a disabled woman of 61, on a very, very low income.

I have not a place to live on my own due to this low income and I believed that maybe there would be some help. I did not request anything for $49.95. I just left the bank website to search for grant guide website when I saw PISSED's comment. I am pissed too, and I don't know what to do about it.

Tomorrow is the day I get my disability check,and since grant guide took that money from my account, some checks have bounced! I am furious!

What can be done??? Carol :cry

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